Thank you very much for considering me for your custom video. I love creating customs for my fans and I look forward to producing yours. So lets get started, there are a few basic pricing requirements that need to be covered.

• First and foremost, please provide a detailed script using our sample script template (Word doc.) for your custom. Format your script so I can provide you with an accurate price for the production.

Script Template Download

A few basic line items for a soft-core fetish style clip:

• Customs are produced in 10-minute to 60-minute lengths.
• For models please budget $150 per model, per hour.
• Videographer/Lighting please budget $100 per hour
• Location expenses vary greatly. Please be specific and I will find a location and provide you a location fee that is usually an hourly cost.
• Wardrobe is generally provided for a custom if it’s something specific or I don't own it. I have a Wonder Woman costume that is one of my better selling super heroine characters and I’ve added Catwoman and Black Kat from Spiderman.
• Props such as balloons, food items and special requests are added as an expendable fee based on what's called for in your script.
• Editing of the custom please budget $100 per hour.
• Once the custom is produced a QuickTime .mov file will be made available for you to download or a DVD of the custom can be mailed out for an addition $50 fee.

Important note here, price is always subject to what is being asked for in the custom. Hard-core is a very different price than soft-core fetish driven subject matter.

Your script is the blueprint for creating a fair price for your custom.

SAMPLE CUSTOM PRICING (10-12 Minute Video):


1 hour each @ $150



1 hour @ $100



$125 per hour






1.5 hours @ $100




**Important note: Price is always subject to what is being asked for in the custom. Hard-core is a very different price than soft-core fetish driven subject matter. Your script will be the best blueprint to creating a fair price for your custom.

Email me - Christina Carter with your script for pricing.

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I have just received my third custom from Christina Carter and I have been completely amazed by each one I have received. It should be easy to believe that you will get a great video when you use the two hottest models in the fetish business, Christina Carter and Emily Addison! The quality of the product is just getting started with their beauty. The customs I received were exactly what I asked for and were professionally mastered. When you ask for custom materials, you often get part of what you asked for, the customs I received from Christina had everything I wanted and more. Christina and Emily were great together, worked perfectly from my script, and seemed to be reading my mind!!! Christina worked very hard to provide a great product and has more than filled my request.

Thanks from a very satisfied customer!!!!



I just watched it (the custom) and I could not be more pleased!!!!!!!!!!!  It was nothing short of fantastic. I loved it!!!!!!  Everything was absolutely perfect! Great job picking out the bikinis.  I was worried about that, but leaving it up to you is the thing to do.  You hit it out of the park!  I knew you and Serene (Isley) would be a crowd pleaser - but I had no idea it would be that good.  The standing with hands over head scene was my favorite.  I said no one ever does that righ t- well that's no longer true.  On a scale of one to ten - that scene was an eleven!  If an evil, butch biker girl came in and put that flogger to work I think my head would have exploded.



WOW! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.... (Typing with one hand) - more later...WOW. YOU LOOKED AND MOVED AMAZING!!!!! WOW - I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat job! Purrrrrrfect!!!! More later -- need to get cleaned up : 0 xoxoxoxoxo

Thanks, Manx


Hi Christina,

I just wanted to tell you that I came across your videos randomly on your clip store and I was sure glad that I did!

The video of you wrestling while encased in pantyhose was probably the most exciting, sexy and stimulating video I've ever seen.  I've seen some great wrestling footage of ladies attired in pantyhose before, from sites that have been around for years, such as,, and But none of those videos compare to yours!!

I honestly can't find words to describe it, other than fantastic, wonderful, creative, ORIGINAL, and ahead of its time.  I sincerely hope to see much more of "pantyhose encasement wrestling" in the future.  If you continue making more, I'm sure other sites will follow since it's just damn sexy!

Your new biggest fan,



I just watched my custom and I am in shock! It was GREAT! My 35-year seach is over. Finally. You were fantastic, perfect. The little intro with you in front of the mirror was a nice surprise. I honesty didn't expect too much, I guess because after all this time I had it in the back of my mind it just wasn't gonna ever happen. But your work far exceeded my expectations. Everything was perfect, the strap-on, heels, the ponytail, the straps, the ball gag, the struggling, and of course you in that bikini. It was also a lot longer then I thought it was gonna be.

Right after Christmas I would like to order another (no surprise) . The clip you did with Paige where you were the maid and she had you in an arm binder, and made you suck on a strap-on was the best clip ever on clips4sale. I would like one along those lines but with an evil biker girl who has been hired to stop you from getting to the bikini contest. She has you strapped tight and makes you suck on the strap-on for the duration of the contest. "keeps you busy". If you think this is do-able, I'll send a script and we'll go from there. I might not be able to wait till after Christmas. (go figure)

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks,



Got the upload and WOW, that is one OUTSTANDING custom you made for me!!! 100% better than I ever thought it would come out. Your first custom for me was terrific, but this one is FANTASTIC! Thanks again for turning this around so quickly.

These should keep me busy for a while. As I mentioned below, I do have a third custom in mind but I want to think it through before coming back to you with it.

Although I know your fans know you for your bondage work, there is a market out there for Hypno, Freeze and Robot fans that you should consider doing some short clips for. I'm sure they would buy them, I know I would.

Thanks again to you and Kendra (James). Her improv was a very nice touch. You didn't disappoint and once again, you looked great!

I'll be back to you in a couple of months,


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Wow Christina. Again I have to commend your group on a very professional piece. I knew this video would be a hard one to film due to the mirror and theme....but I think you pulled it off.

I thought Emily (Addison) looked great and l love the expression on her face (the evil smirk) when she turned evil. Also she did a great job licking the mirror... she looked so hot.

Catwoman was fantastically hot as usual and that girl-girl scene was amazing. Thanks for adding the dialogue it was a pleasant and hot surprise.

Thanks again for some great work!



Hi Christina,

Downloaded the file tonight. Very nice. You adapted very well to the changes in the plot with Randy. Although you couldn't do the POV scene, you did compensate for that with the extra time and having Randy participate in the plot as well, much appreciated. I have to say that this was well worth the wait and the money. Thanks for a very professional production.

Now I have another question for you... would you be interested in another custom revolving around a malfunctioning fembot that someone is thinking of using to pimp out of his/her apartment? Let me know and I'll write down my thoughts for the storyline for you to take a look at if you're interested.

Thanks again to you and Randy for a terrific custom, you didn't disappoint and you looked great !

James T.




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